30 October 2006

Mornings with Kerri-Anne

Thanks to those of you who watched The Baby Bump Project's debut on Mornings with Kerri-Anne on Friday. Filming the show was a hoot! I flew to Sydney the Wednesday before airing and met up with two terrific mums I found through some frantic advertising on various pregnancy forums. I think the two kids on set with us had the most fun playing with the toys on the stage and looking at themselves in the monitors as we were taping.

Look out for BBP on Today Tonight coming up soon! Will let you know....

Hey has anyone seen the new photos of Britney since the birth?? She had a caesar and it seems like she's lost nearly 15 kilos in less than a month...looks a bit dodgy!

Read more about Brit and her post-baby body here:

And..a nice antidote to all of the celeb postbaby hoo-ha from the Sydney Morning Herald:

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