25 February 2011

Breast milk arrives in a cone

It doesn't take much for retailers to try and cash in on motherhood.

A London restaurant, the Icecreamists, is now selling 'Baby Gaga', or breastmilk ice cream.

According to the Daily Mail, the ice cream is served by a waitress dressed up as Lady Gaga.

British mums were asked to donate breastmilk online. If you want to try the ice cream, save up, because it's going to set you back about $22.

Wouldn't all of this donated breastmilk be put to better use if it was donated to actual babies? And shouldn't the restaurant consider donating a portion of the very hefty proceeds from this ridiculous product to a breastmilk bank?

24 February 2011

Real Housewife reveals all

I must admit that Real Housewives of Atlanta has been my guilty pleasure and the reason I watch the damn show is because I can't get enough of Kim Zolciak with her big hair and bad singing. Anyhow, to get you up to speed, Kim dropped Big Poppa and is now with a new man, football player Kroy Biermann. She's 6 months pregnant and of course, because Kim doesn't do anything small, she has posed for this week's edition of Life & Style in lingerie. Among other things, Kim says she's eating more than she has in her previous pregnancies and that she feels 'more in touch with her body now', whatever that means.

14 February 2011

Rachel Zoe doesn't eat during pregnancy: shock/horror

For anyone that follows Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, you would know that she's pregnant and if you have really been paying attention, you would have noticed that it is almost impossible to tell that she is 8 months pregnant. Blamed for making Nicole Richie and various other celebs stick-thin in order to fit into her fashion, Zoe has recently been quoted by a "source" in In Touch Weekly as saying that she is not used to eating 3 meals a day which is why she hasn't gained much weight during the pregnancy. One doctor speculates she hasn't gained more than 15 lbs (and with her tiny figure, you can hardly tell).

For the sake of your baby and all of the women who religiously follow your every move, please eat up. Low birth weight babies are prone to a host of health problems! Besides pregorexia chic is so 5 years ago....

05 February 2011

Pink shows off her belly in her own gorgeous photo

Wow. I just fell in love with Pink.

Tired of having unflattering photographs (like this) taken of her during pregnancy by the paparazzi, Pink has hit back with her own gorgeous pregnancy photo (above) that she uploaded to her Twitter feed this week saying:

"ALRIGHT... because paparazzi of today have absolutely no photograhic skill or artistry whatsoever, and their pictures are hideous...."

Gotta love the fact that 1) she screwed the tabloids out of money from photo sales and 2) she has taken control of the documentation of her pregnancy. WIN!

Miranda Kerr boasts about being stretchmark-free

Oh Miranda Kerr. You know when I was all pro-Miranda a few weeks ago when she published that lovely breastfeeding photo on her blog? Well, it didn't take her very long to start to start to use her pregnancy to push some of her organic beauty products on other mums. This week, in her blog, the supermodel boasts that she doesn't have any stretch marks following her pregnancy with baby Flynn:

"I am so excited and just wanted to share with you how my pregancy skin routine has helped me to prevent any stretch marks. As you know I had a huge belly (carrying a 9lb 12 ounce baby) and was convinced I would have stretch marks as a result. But I am so happy to report that my combination of daily body brushing and applying KORA Organics Body Lotion twice a day have helped me to prevent stretch marks."

She didn't get any stretch marks. I'm irked by the fact that she has decided to use her lack of stretch marks as an opportunity to sell $45 moisturiser to her readers. Firstly, who the hell has $45 to spend on bloody skin cream? Secondly, there is no evidence that creams actually work in preventing stretch marks. Scientists are divided as to what you can do to make them appear less prominently on your body. There is no evidence to suggest, however, that you can prevent them entirely. Genetics appears to play a significant role as to whether you are prone to getting them when you are pregnant.

So, in short, I would have liked to hear about Miranda's post-baby body minus the sales pitch.

04 February 2011

Pregnancy sex is safe

You can tell Valentine's Day is just around the corner because headlines are ablaze with news that sex during pregnancy is safe (that is, if you were previously worried about getting it on before) so basically you can shag until your heart is content without fear of going into early labour.

The news comes from some Canadian doctors who published their study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. My guess is that they basically have done a review of earlier studies (although I can't find a citation for their article anywhere)....

Sex during pregnancy is still taboo to talk about as I found when I was writing an article for Cosmo Pregnancy about sex back in 2008. It seemed really strange for me at the time considering that maternity lingerie, for instance, was making its mark in the maternity market and we had already been exposed to the idea that pregnancy is sexy via celebs. I was supposed to interview women about their pregnant sex lives and let me tell you, it was hard to find women who were willing to talk and have their photos taken for the article.

Anyway, were you/are you worried about doing the deed while pregnant?

02 February 2011

J.Lo blah blah blah

J.Lo won't be giving pregnancy advice anytime soon.

"Everybody gives you a lot of advice when you are pregnant, which I find a tiny bit annoying, so I'm not going to give any."

J Lo added, "But I did read What To Expect When You Are Expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. You can go day-by-day with that. It's awesome."

Hmm. From someone who doesn't like being told what to do, how could you actually enjoy reading one of the most prescriptive guidebooks for pregnancy available?!

Miranda Kerr: cover of Vogue Australia

How on earth did I miss this??

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr (who just gave birth to her first son Flynn with partner Orlando Bloom) was the first woman to appear pregnant on the cover of Australian Vogue this month.

Inside the accompanying spread, there is also a photo of Kerr naked and pregnant.

Kerr also posed naked and pregnant for W, snapped by legendary photog Patrick Demarchelier.

"For me, family is life," Kerr, 27, told the fashion magazine who photographed her nude from the side while she caressed her baby bump.

"The decision to start one wasn't complex at all," she added.

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