09 May 2007

size zero

You might remember Leah Remini from The King of Queens gained 80lbs during her pregnancy and was slammed in the American media for being too 'fat' because she didn't snap back into shape as quickly as alot of other Hollywood mums. Here is a recent interview where she talks about the post-baby body fiasco:

Q: Since then what has been your biggest life-changing decision?

A: I think my decision to have a baby was the biggest life-altering decision that I've ever made. It just changes your whole life. It just changes everything about you. It changes your goals. It changes the way you think about things, the person you thought you were, you know?

Q: Your body gets as much attention as your work -- good and bad. Did you find it annoying?

A: Well, when you have a baby and you are not blessed with a metabolism [such] that you can get back into your jeans the very next day, it becomes something to focus on. I don't even blame the papers. They are making money from it, but the people who are buying it? I just went on Tyra [Banks Show]. She has a great campaign called "So What?" I think it's fabulous. It's about sending that message -- yeah, I'm fat, or yeah, I'm chubby, or yeah, I have stretch marks: so what! I love that message. So frigging what, men! It seems so silly to me. And nobody was really biting on the fact that I lost the weight [after the birth]. I wanted to tell people how I lost the weight. It was, like, no one wanted to talk about how I actually did lose the weight, just that I got fat.

Q: Being 5-foot-3 is a whole different story from being even 5-foot-6 in terms of weight when you're having a baby.

A: Yeah, and also some are a size zero going into it. I was never a size zero. There are women in this town who are, so their fat day is a size 4. I've always been a little thick, but I don't mind. I like being a little meaty.

You can read the full interview here:

Speaking of size zero, this has a been a topic that I've been slightly obsessed with for the past week (is there really such a thing as being slightly obsessed?) and whilst there is seemingly tremendous cultural status for women (mostly celebrities or those who are 'naturally' petite) who can fit into small sizes, I came across an interview with Liz Lange, perhaps the most famous maternity designer in the US, about how she had to start making size zero maternity clothing. Lang says, 'We have, in fact, had to add a smaller size. That size being a zero. A zero isn't a true zero. We have our own size system here. But a very, very, very small size for those skinny-mini women, who are just, you know, skinny, skinny, skinny, with a little belly'.

A recent Johns Hopkins University study says that 1 in 5 pregnant women think it's okay to skip meals...being a size zero when you aren't pregnant is a feat in itself...trying (note: i said trying, not a reference to women who are already tiny) to be a size zero when you are pregnant is just bloody dangerous. On the other hand there are apparently heaps of women out there who are just absolutely tiny and can't find any maternity clothes to fit them

Has anyone actually seen a size zero maternity garment? If you have, let me know!

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