20 December 2007

A new generation of Spears calamity

Just when I thought the world of pregnancy was getting a bit dull, as I walked in the door from my 12km run this morning, my ears perked up with the news that Jamie Lynn Spears, our Brit's 16 year old sister, is knocked up. The father is her 19 year old boyfriend. Spears told People:

"It was a shock for both of us, so unexpected," Jamie Lynn told OK!, according to the Associated Press. "I was in complete and total shock and so was he."

Ya think?

Holy cow. Hasn't anyone in this godforsaken country heard of birth control? I mean 16! SIXTEEN!! Apparently, Brit Jr. is 12 weeks pregnant and she told her parents right before Thanksgiving. One wonders what will happen to her hit show Zoey 101. As I've said in response to Juno, teen pregnancy has never been a paradigm for emulation. Not that Jamie Lynn should be ashamed, but why would you go and blab to Ok! magazine considering all of the crap Britney has gone through with regard to motherhood? On the other hand, if Jamie Lynn is really happy about being pregnant, it's pretty crap that every news agency is slamming her for being irresponsible.

In other news...wait for it...Lily Allen is pregnant.The 22-year-old "Smile" singer has been dating the Chemical Brothers' Ed Simons, 37, since September. "As the pregnancy is at a very, very early stage, the couple ask that you respect their privacy," her rep said in a statement. "The couple will be making no further comment but they are obviously both thrilled by the news."

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Stacy said...

I say "Congratulations" to Jamie-Lynn. It's so irritating how people have been slamming the girl with "Teen pregnancy!" "Pre-marital sex!" and "Another 'bad mother' in the Spears clan" "slut" and other such comments. I mean, she hasn't even really been seen with anyone but this one guy and she's far from the only 16 year old in this country who's had premarital sex. She's just condemned because she has "proof" and is taking responsibility for it instead of just killing her baby (ahem, abortion) for the sake of her career and reputation. I really hope she turns out to be a good mom (whatever that means to the press/population).

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