11 February 2010

Kendra does Ok! (again), debuts post-baby bod

Okay so I have a few things to say:

1) Surprise, surprise. Kendra is on the cover of Ok! again. I think she must be on contract with them.

2) ALLEGEDLY, she's lost 25lbs in 8 wks (that is, she gave birth 8 WEEKS AGO) after gaining 55lbs during her pregnancy AND having a caesarean.

How has she done it?

Kendra says she’s doing “45 minutes of hardcore training and weightlifting” followed by running and walking on a treadmill until she’s tired.

How has she really done it?
Crash dieting and ridiculous eating regimens (or perhaps by eating regimens I should say not-eating regimens). Everyone knows that you're supposed to wait about 6 wks post-caesar before exercising, which she clearly hasn't done. And hello? What about breastfeeding? If in fact, she is breastfeeding, losing that much weight so quickly can't be good.

Is anyone else sick of this? FOR REALS. I haven't even had a flipping baby and already I'm feeling the pressure.


tracey said...

I agree - as much as I like Kendra (I really do) and how happy I am for celebrities to bounce back so quickly - it's just not the norm. I know, I know, we can all just ignore magazine covers - but still deep down, I'm thinking 'why can't I look like that?'. I'm 9 months post pregnancy and still have a spare tire and am likely to have it for a while yet. I'd LOVE to see more celebrities come out and say 'it took time' and be a more than 8 week, quick fix body. This is what the norm should be - to encourage lifestyle changes, not fad regimes. If there was a documentary (not reality show) for post-preggers ladies trying to 'bounce back', I'd love to see it so we're aware of how much it varies.

Anonymous said...

How has she really REALLY done it?


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