20 January 2011

Natalie Portman compares self to whale

Just as Natalie Portman waxes about how unflustered she is about gaining pregnancy weight, at the Golden Globes (side note: did you see her Victor & Rolf gown? AH-MAZING), she says: “I hope I’ll get to lie in bed and eat popcorn and watch TV for the rest of it,” she laughs. “Not always be out in public looking like a whale, but it’s all nice energy that everyone is showing.”

Nat? You were setting such a good example!


Anonymous said...

Aw, that makes me sad that she would say that, especially since she looks about the size of me-post-baby-3 right now. Thanks a lot for calling me a whale, Natalie:p

SebKnowlton said...

Whales mustn't be able to act either.

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