04 February 2011

Pregnancy sex is safe

You can tell Valentine's Day is just around the corner because headlines are ablaze with news that sex during pregnancy is safe (that is, if you were previously worried about getting it on before) so basically you can shag until your heart is content without fear of going into early labour.

The news comes from some Canadian doctors who published their study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. My guess is that they basically have done a review of earlier studies (although I can't find a citation for their article anywhere)....

Sex during pregnancy is still taboo to talk about as I found when I was writing an article for Cosmo Pregnancy about sex back in 2008. It seemed really strange for me at the time considering that maternity lingerie, for instance, was making its mark in the maternity market and we had already been exposed to the idea that pregnancy is sexy via celebs. I was supposed to interview women about their pregnant sex lives and let me tell you, it was hard to find women who were willing to talk and have their photos taken for the article.

Anyway, were you/are you worried about doing the deed while pregnant?

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Louise said...

There's something very odd about being 32 weeks pregnant, huuuuge (I was), with a very definite other presence in your body, and having sex. (That's as far as my pregnancy made it - so I don't know what it's like to be 40 weeks pregnant and having/not having sex). Considering I was hugely pregnant, iron deficient, and working full time, we had sex less than we had before, but we didn't stop out of worry. I wasn't worried so much as a bit thrown off by this other presence. I read all the abstracts I could find about whether sex late in pregnancy was harmful and found nothing that convinced me it was.

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