09 October 2008

Millbank Report

Childbirth Connection has just released the Millbank Report about Evidence-Based Maternity Care in the US. Basically, this report provides suggestions for reforming the American maternity system which is, for intents and purposes, crumbling. As a result of the escalating numbers of caesareans and inductions being performed, the report notes that maternity care is contributing to the skyrocketing health care costs. Not only is pregnancy the number one reason for hospitalisation in the US, six of the ten most common procedures billed to medical insurance or Medicare are maternity related. Caesarean sections, in particular, are the most common billed procedure for Medicare, private payers and for all payers combined! The report points out that even when women have relatively uncomplicated births in hospitals the costs begin at around $7,000 and for a caesarean can go up to $16,000. Women who deliver in birth centres, in contrast, are charged around $1600 and often the outcomes in these centres are very good and women are satisfied with their care. The report also stresses the importance of midwifery.

Read more here: http://www.childbirthconnection.org/article.asp?ck=10575

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