28 October 2008

Saggy boobs? Don't blame breastfeeding

Some of you will pleased to know, a study has just been published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal that debunks the very widely held perception that breastfeeding causes saggy boobs. Well, it doesn't. The authors argue that greater age, higher BMI, greater number of pregnancies, larger pre-pregnancy bra cup size and history of smoking were significant risk factors in the development of sagging breasts.

Considering complaints of saggy breasts are one of the most common reasons for undergoing plastic surgery post-birth, it looks like women will have to blame their saggy boobs on something other than childbearing.

And yes, I did take that photo in Thailand. In fact, I probably know a little bit too much about breast implants as a result.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/5m9br3

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Anonymous said...

I loved breastfeeding my baby and was really sad to stop when he was 13 months (I had to take medication and my dr insisted I stop at the same time my son was losing intrest). So I don't care if it was to blame but my breasts were ridiculously perky prebaby. They were D cup b4 baby ad peopel alwasy thought they were fake- now not so much. As soon as my milk dried up they got saggy. What should I blame? They were perky, I bore and breasfed my son and now they are saggy. Maybe it was being pregnant and the milk masked the sagginess till we weaned?

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