05 November 2008

The future of waterbirth?

We may have seen the future of waterbirth...but is it good?

"... the mother will enjoy the spacious service area, a height adjustable birthing seat, a raised seat for wading, an attachable seat for her companion, a swing-out grab bar for hanging, and programmable massaging jets for her back. Moreover, this tub features a waterfall simulation to entertain the mother. A gentle lighting system is also integrated."

Is this a birth pool or a hot tub? Where are the cup holders? More importantly, when is the pool party?

As for the 'waterfall simulation', I think pushing a big baby out of a much smaller opening is entertainment enough...

Source: http://tinyurl.com/6nuwqe


Anonymous said...

My version - the mother will enjoy the spacious service area big enough to kick your partner and hold him under, a height adjustable birthing seat for lodging him and the nurses underneath and jumping on, a raised seat for wading out after you've killed everyone associated with this product and the pain you're enduring, an attachable seat for her companion anesthesiologist to have a quiet drink after rescuing you from your own folly, a swing-out grab bar for hanging yourself from if he doesn't turn up, and programmable jets to fire soap in the eyes of any approaching midwife. Moreover, this tub features a waterfall simulation to entertain the mother by pouring grimy bloody water stained with mecconium and amniotic fluid all over the nurse who talked you into it. A gentle lighting system is also integrated to interrogate those who may or may not warrant treatment by the features of the product.

Waterbirth is not only based on a stupid assumption, and inherently dangerous it is also totally stupidly without pain relief. If a mother is fool enough to undergo water birth she's probably stupid enough to buy/rent this product.

Anonymous said...

WAter birth "is" the pain relief. It was great!! It's not dangerous. Babies don't need to breathe air until the umbilical cord stops pulsing and providing oxygen through the placenta. They can't breathe whilst being born as their lungs are compressed and the baby is brought to the surface almost immediately.

River Eden Doula said...

"Waterbirth is inherently dangerous"? You're insane, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, where is your documentation? I have officiated at waterbirths for over 20 years, have not had a problem yet, your are opinionated, and your opinions are ignorant of fact. sherri, midwife for over 25 years, only anonymous so i could publish

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