21 September 2009

Losing weight is a 'cinch': puke

Apparently, losing your baby weight is now a 'cinch' thanks to a modern-day corset thing by Anew that allows post-baby mums to 'look fit' without actually getting 'fit'. Sort of like another expensive version of Spanx so you can shrink your waist and your wallet without actually losing anything in between.

Not sure how I feel about this. The product website has this slogan 'Achieve your balance, Anew your life' sort of implying that if you can have a slimmer waist, somehow your life will be transformed. I think for most women, as 'empowering' as fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes may be, what really needs to be addressed are the life-altering changes that come with motherhood. It's never really about the weight. The weight is just an easy place to focus your anxiety. A corset isn't going to solve your problems and hiding the extra weight is really only a temporary cure.

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AvoidTheRedShoes said...

A lot of cultures practice binding the abdomen after birth and some say this can help prevent problems when the uterus slips out of place (forget what it's called). My midwife actually recommended this, like using an ace bandage, or something, and to sleep face down with a pillow under my belly for support. I had a post partum wrap thing and I really liked it the first month after birth. It was very supportive and relieved the pain in my back, so in that respect this product sounds nice. Also, it does help you zip up your old jeans. Even if they're a bit snug it's more comfortable because the fabric is touching the wrap and not your skin, so this can help decrease the stress of getting dressed should you need to go anywhere. Going out if you need to in those early days is stressful enough without every piece of clothing in your closet being throw on the floor in a rage. I think the bodily changes of pregnancy are really significant. Both boys and girl can feel uneasy and awkward when going through puberty, and being pregnant and giving birth is like going through puberty all over again.

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