27 October 2009

Love your cervix

Have you ever wondered what your cervix looks like? How about after you've given birth?

Then you MUST check out The Beautiful Cervix Project created by a student midwife. This is an ode to being a woman, where cervixes aren't objects of a medical gaze, but objects of beauty in their own right. The creator not only photographed her own cervix throughout her menstrual cycle, but also has loads of photos of cervixes at different stages of life.

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Miss Fertility said...

What a great site - thanks for the link and recommendation.

Like many women, I had never thought about my cervix (or been taught that much about it) until I was diagnosed with stage 3 pre-cancerous cells in my cervix during a routine pap smear. After a biopsy to remove the affected part of my cervix, I have become more aware and more in tune with this amazing part of my body.

Girls need to be taught more about their cervix - the way it changes during our cycles and why it is such an amazing, important and beautiful thing!

I'm enjoying the project, so keep it up!

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