05 December 2006

back to uncle sam's land

Well, everyone my American sojourn is about to begin and you can rest assured I will be bringing you tales of pregnancy, motherhood and celebrity antics from the frontline. As my journey this December will take me through the winter chill of Chicago, New York and a brief respite in Raleigh, I am perhaps the most excited to check out American maternity shops and having the chance to unreservedly gaze at American pregnant bellies. I've already organised some interviews and will have my camera at the ready to photograph anything and everything fabulous, fashionable and maternity.

Following the tour of America, I will be in Tokyo and I must say, the Japanese have some of the most interesting rituals surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. Whilst there, I'm hoping to catch up with some Osaka mothers as well as La Leche in central Tokyo..and I won't even get started on the maternity shopping...so different from what we know in Australia and America from what I can tell thus far. This is a great resource, a sort of Japanese maternity design for beginners: http://www.pingmag.jp/2006/05/22/east-meets-west-maternity-design/

I simply cannot wait to get my hands on some Japanese parenting/pregnancy mags...

Anyway, more to come.
::From here to maternity::

Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

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Janina said...

is that a prepubescent child on the cover with a pillow under her training bra??

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