04 December 2006

it's a rough life, jen

This article caught my eye in People magazine:

Jennifer Garner – whose daughter with husband Ben Affleck, Violet, turned 1 on Friday – has only recently been working to get back to her pre-pregnancy action-star form. "I'm in the worst shape ever," the size 6-8 ("definitely more an 8") actress, 34, tells Elle magazine in its January issue. "My trainer just shakes her head and says, 'This is a disaster.' " Though she kicked butt as the star of Alias and Elektra, these days, she says, "I am as physically unfit as I've probably been in my whole life. It's such a horror in front of the mirror with no clothes on." Lifting her sweater to reveal her midriff, she says, "You still have that little bit of extra skin, know what I mean? But still, it's enough for people to think that you're knocked up."

Are mothers of the world supposed to feel a connection to Jen because she hasn't yet regained her slimmer than slim Hollywood form in an refreshing admission of normality? Or are mothers out there just gritting their teeth, trying to get past the fact that she has a trainer? And why do all of these magazines insist on sharing the intimate details of celebrity body size? I don't need to know that Jen Garner is a size 8 and frankly, I'm pretty sure the average mum doesn't need to know that either. I feel sorry for her. Such pressure!

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Anonymous said...

We would feel the pressure, though, if our very livlihood depended on being in perfect shape. We should all be thankful we're not held to such a high standard. Us tax preparer/accountants can get totally out of shape...it's practically a requirement.

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