05 December 2006

how childbirth went industrial

I received this tip from Christine (www.christinemorton.com) through ReproNetwork (my new favourite virtual community!) this morning, a must read:

Dear Friends:
In early October the New Yorker Magazine published an article "How childbirth went industrial." The author, Atul Gawande, is an AssistantProfessor of Surgery and an Assistant Professor in the Department of HealthPolicy and Management, at Harvard Medical School. Henci Goer, one of the presenters at the NAPW Summit, has prepared a detailed critique: "How Childbirth Went Industrial: A Deconstruction," and Mothering Magazine has made it available on their website:


Here is a link to the New Yorker article:


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Emma Someone said...

Absolutely fascinating articles, and I am following your site with interest!

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