25 January 2007

caesar undies: update

Remember my narky post about Czela Bellies caesar wear? Well, the founder of the company has some reassuring words for all of us who thought caesar specific undies were just another gimmick. Thanks Jennifer, we appreciate the feedback ...

Hi Meredith,
I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog regarding Czela Bellies (TM). I am the Founder and Designer for Czela Bellies CesareanWear. I can't tell exactly from your post if you think these are a worthy product, or a non-needed niche novelty. I just wanted to assure you that I am a mom of 3, and a twice recovering C-section mom. Because even after healing, all of my pants, skirts, and underwear hit me at exactly the incision point, I didn't get back into wearing most "regular" clothes for quite a long, long time. I was feeling overwhelmed, sleep deprived & thinking I would never fit my clothes again. To have something that feels good, enables you to wear clothing with a waist again, not to mention something fun & actually cute would have been a delight. I do know first-hand what major surgery c-sections really are. My product exists because the surgery indeed is a mom's body. That's precisely why we designed this special feel good underwear; there is nothing like this on the market. I do hope my product can contnue helping mom's through this transitional time..even if it's just with a litttle pair of wonderful undies.

Thank you so much for the mention. I appreciate it very much.

Jennifer Bourgoyne
Czela Blue Co./Czela Bellies CesareanWear (TM).

This is what I said:

Hi Jennifer,

I really appreciate your email and I think this paves the way for a really valuable dialogue. I have to admit my post was a bit narky without any knowledge of the origins of your product. With that in mind, I apologise if you have taken any offense. Of course (now) the product makes alot of sense given your personal experiences with caesars, so with all due respect, why dont you share that experience on your website? For mums, I think the personal goes really far. This is just of course my own opinion but given that you know the ups and downs of motherhood and have worked out a product that other mums would like to know about, make a connection with them instead of allowing them to think some man in a corporate office thought it would be a great idea to capitalise on the market value of caesareans.


What does everyone out there think?

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