09 January 2007

I'm back

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been a while since my last rant. I am now officially back from overseas after a great jaunt through America and Japan. I have some amazing photos which I will be posting on Flickr as well as some great maternity stories. Just yesterday I was traipsing through Harajuku (yes, the same Harajuku a la Gwen Stefani) and came across this maternity store, Ange Maternity (www.angeliebe.co.jp), I had been trying to find for about 4 days. So, to my delight I was able to somewhat discreetly photograph every aspect of the store and gather more preggo magazines for my collection! I wont go into too much detail here, but as I expected, the visibly pregnant body is pretty much non existent in Japan. In most of the maternity stores, pregnant bodies in advertising are represented by Anglo (not Asian) women (just look at the cover of the Angelie catalog!). Some of you may think maternity clothing choice is limited here in Australia... well let me just tell you, in Japan, maternity clothing is so awful you would absolutely die if you saw some of outfits I have seen! To give you a picture, pinafores and floral pints are pervasive. More to come....

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