28 January 2007

katie holmes

As if our dear Katie needed more grief about her body....why does the world insist on shaming women and their postnatal bodies? Where is the 'fat' on this woman? Seriously....WHERE IS THE "FAT"????

The secret's out now, Kate January 26, 2007
Victoria Newton- Biz UK

IT’S comforting to see that even beautiful KATIE HOLMES has her “fat” days.
She was spotted at a fashion show wearing tan control pants under her peppermint gown – the sort women rely on to hide unwanted bumps.
I admire her for not having a tummy tuck like so many other celebrities. And who would have thought she gave birth to baby SURI just nine months ago?
Mrs Cruise was a guest at the Armani catwalk show in Paris on Wednesday.
During her trip there for fashion week she has been hanging out with super-skinny pal VICTORIA BECKHAM.
You have to sympathise with Katie – however slim you are, standing next to pencil-thin Posh is always going to make you feel a bit porky.
Let’s hope Katie keeps looking trim the natural, Bridget Jones way.

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notsoNewMommy said...

That is just bizarre and pathetic. There is ZERO fat on that woman!!

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