15 March 2007

join in the baby bump fun!

Hi everyone,

I've been noticing on the site metre (my latest obsession) that alot of you folks out there reading this blog are from all over the world. What fun! I would love to post some of your experiences of being pregnant, weight gain, baby bumps, celebrity pregnancy, anything related to maternity or motherhood.

I would absolutely love to see your photos as well. If you have any images of your pregnant bellies, postbaby bellies, stretch marks or anything pregnancy related and you would like to contribute to our supportive community, send them through.

I'm all ears, all the time: babybumpproject[at]yahoo.com.au

Oh and one more thing, feel free to link to me if you have a blog or a website yourself:

Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

Shawn said...

I post pictures and talk about pregnancy related issues all the time! LOL
I have also linked to you.
You can see my pictures at www.waitingformypopett.blogspot.com

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