10 March 2007

Naomi and her bump

Okay, now that everything is out in the open, Naomi Watts is finally pregnant after many tenuous tabloid moments of is she or isn't she? According to Access Hollywood (my favourite source for juicy American gossip) Naomi's partner, Liev Schreiber said that he thinks Naomi's baby bump is mad hot and 'probably the best bump' he's ever seen (http://www.accesshollywood.com/news/ah4352.shtml
This is what intrigues me. In the picture to the left, alot of sites have captioned the photo 'Naomi Watts and her bump at the Oscars'. To me, the AND HER BUMP implies that other people think of the baby as separate from her body, like the 'bump' is a different person from her. That's pretty interesting considering at only 12 weeks or so pregnant, Watt's baby would be unable to survive outside of her body. Alot of the women I've interviewed seem not to think of the baby as a person until at least they feel some movement and very few women feel like the baby is actually a separate person until the third trimester. The fact that 'bumps' are becoming babies earlier and earlier is exactly why fetuses often have more rights than a 2 yr old child in a court of law. Not to ruin my light hearted moment, but the laws supporting fetal rights (particularly in America) potentially create an antagonistic relationship between mother and fetus and also may encourage doctors to compel women to undergo certain medical procedures (for example, caesarean sections) in favour of the protection of fetal life. Just something to think about....

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