23 March 2007

katie price: mother of the year!

I just read that Katie Price (aka Jordan) has won 'Celebrity Mum of the Year'..isn't that interesting? Considering this blog is all about the celebrity backlash, you'll love this piece from Rachel Johnson from the Times Online 'Less yum, more mum':

"I take my hat off to any woman with the iron will to restore herself to bikini-ready shape weeks after giving birth in order to do a photo shoot, and I have only admiration for confident beauties who light up the red carpet. But I do think that once you’ve given birth, you pass the baton. Becoming a mother is nature’s way of calling attention to the next generation, not the current one.

So I don’t like it, I admit, when glitzy, gorgeous women wheel out their children as a means of jacking up the amount of slavishly admiring attention that they themselves might receive. Which normal woman does?

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