17 January 2008

Trista Sutter bounces back...only to bulge out?

Oh Trista Sutter (T.Sutt, in the spirit of J.Lo)....she's back in the 'news' (and I use that term lightly) in an Us magazine 'Exclusive' splashing her bounced-back-from-baby body on this week's cover. It was only in October that I wrote about Trista's mission to be slim by the new year. Here's a little reminder: http://babybumpproject.blogspot.com/2007/10/trista-sutter-wants-to-be-skinny-sigh.html

Wanting to be 'two sizes smaller' and back into her size 26 Hudson jeans, it looks as though T.Sutt has dropped 30 lbs of her baby baggage and is proud to tell everyone that she can't go to sleep at night until she's done about 5,000 sit ups. Blah Blah Blah.
This is the kicker. Us, in their infinite and highly unethical wisdom (just consider that yesterday breaking news' headline' was that Britney Spears was drinking orange soda), has decided to publish T.Sutt's 'exact' diet and exercise program for all of those mothers who can't wait to beat their bodies into submission because they are afraid their husbands will be forever repusled by a little belly fat.
I find it even more amazing that given the whole 'exclusive' is about how happy T.Sutt is about getting back to her 'sexy' self, the story ends with the mention that she is already trying for a second baby! Honestly! What is the point? I'm sure she's is happy being a mother but what why on earth would she go to such extreme lengths to lose weight if she is just planning on being pregnant immediately following her miraculous transformation?! T.Sutt also goes on about how happy Ryan is with her 'new' body...so if she was so worried before about her relationship won't getting pregnant again bring her back to the same body anxious place?
I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Poor Trista. It must be hard, being that vacuuous. You'd really have to work at it.

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

I don't find it that hard to comprehend. She likes being a mom so she wants another baby. It's better to have one when you're in good shape, anyway so it's not "pointless" to get pregnant after getting back in shape. And maybe for someone who likes to exercise (yes, some of us females actually LIKE burning calories) being in that post baby might be one of her favorite motivations. However, I do hate the term "new body". We only get one body, we don't save up lbs for God so we can trade it in for a new model.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks amazing. She just didnt loose the pounds she is also healthy for her baby now and she will be healthy for the next baby. I have been taking the Abdominal Cuts she has mention that helped her loose the baby fat. (i dont have baby fat but some extra on my abdominal that I hate). I have been taking them for 4 weeks (i was scared at because I am a huge skeptic) but gave it a try. I love it I have lost about 10 pounds and I keep taking it. (i have not reached my goal yet) I am excited to see the changes happen I just wish I can get featured in a magazine so I can show off :)

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