24 June 2010

Keepsake pouch for your positive pregnancy test: awesome or icky?

Hmm. According to e.p.t. (you know, the makers of those preggo tests) one of the 'most beautiful' moments in a woman's life 'occurs in the bathroom'. In a survey commissioned by the company, 67% of women said that they kept their positive pregnancy test and many women expressed the desire to have a keepsake pouch to store it in for all of eternity.

My question to you: Did you save your pregnancy test?

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Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

It's definitely icky, but I did it anyway. I have all five of them, and for three that ended in miscarriage, it's all I have.

However, I don't need a special pouch to keep them in. A ziploc bag works just fine :)

dinnae said...

not icky at all - saved 'em all!

pregnant woman said...

hmm.. kept the positive pregnancy test ?

i didn't think about it

Jenn said...

I took a picture and threw the stick away.

Anonymous said...

NO. I would take a picture. The gross thing I kept was the umbilical cord.

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