03 June 2010

Kelly Preston: Having a baby at 47

So it appears that Kelly Preston, actress and wife of John Travolta (age 56), is pregnant AT THE AGE OF 47.

Today they have released a statement to People describing the pregnancy as a 'miracle'.

'Miracle', my arse.

Aside from all of the gay rumours circulating lately about JT, everyone with half a brain cell could probably figure out that they have probably been undergoing fertility treatments for quite some time now. As reproductive specialists suggest, it's a rarity for a woman to become pregnant on her own after age 45." According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2008 there were 0.7 births per 1,000 women ages 45 to 49, compared with 9.9 births per 1,000 women ages 44 to 40.

As much as Celine Dion makes my skin crawl, at least the gal has had the guts to be open and honest about her age and the fact that women over 40 don't get pregnant miraculously. I mean, seriously, that's like suggesting storks drop babies on your front porch.

What do you think? Are Kelly and John too old to parents again?


Aeternelle said...

My personal opinion, although this is going to sound callous as hell, it feels like they are trying to replace Jett.

The Baby Bump Project said...

I don't think it's callous at all! After all, their son did recently die so I think it's only natural to think that they are trying to replace their lost child. In the People article, they do say that this is not the case but it's hard to understand (for me, at least) why you would go through so much pain/time/effort of having another child at 47. It's not as though they are childless. They do have a 10 year old daughter as well.

Louise said...

There is no line in the sand where you become 'too old' to be parents. Anyone who can provide the physical, mental and spiritual care a child needs is young enough to be a parent.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that she probably had help, it is not IMPOSSIBLE that she didn't. My 46 year old aunt went to the doctor to discuss how to deal with her menopause symptoms and he told her she was mistaken about the source of her symptoms. Voila! Christmas Day baby at 47!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't, but if I had unlimited funds for day care, nannies, and housecleaning like they may, I may think about it.

The only problem I see with this is that they will be in their 60's and 70's before the child reaches maturity. But if they can handle it I'm not going to yuck their yum.

Anonymous said...

I was also born to a mother who was in her LATE forties (almost 50 when I was born) ... She also thought she was "menopausal" because of two missed periods ... thank God she was in excellent health and already eating a super healthy diet. I was also her almost Christmas baby ... and this was in the 60's ... no IVF, no help. My dad was 55. So it IS possile to get pregnant naturally after age 45 ... don't believe the hype ... I know MANY women who have gotten pregnant with Chinese medicine (herbal therapy - a different prescription at each of the four parts of her cycle AND soem accupuncture WITHOUT IVF. IVF in fact for older women is VERY unsuccessful (something like 3% of women get and stay pregnant with this therapy only) ... I believe the HYPE is heightened and targeting this age group because many are desperate and full of fear at this age ... that is will never happen. The Best way to make it happen is to engage in anti-aging therapies (that is to say ANTI AGING or reversal of the age and functionality of the internal reproductive ORGANS ... no matter what the outside may look like or the age of the woman etc. Even the "too old eggs" can in very healthy women be salvaged ... a few healthy ones are as positive a sign as many many eggs in a younger woman who is generally unhealthy (smoking, drinking, fast food diet, other stressors). Just some food for thought.

With love,

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