03 June 2010

Pregnancy = no housework. Hooray?

A new study suggests that when women do 'boring' tasks like housework,
they are 25% more likely to give birth prematurely.

Apparently, such 'mindless' chores raise their level of stress hormones.

Maybe we can see this as a great way for women to heap all of their
undeserved housework on their partners.

Or maybe this suggests that it is problematic for women to be active
during their pregnancy and that they are too fragile to move around and do

Or maybe it just means that foetuses are feminists and trying to save mum
from menial labour?


Charli said...

why is it that i never see comments?? i love your blog.

and no housework means messy home. if i left it to my husband, the place would be a disaster!

Louise said...

I wonder how many woman in a heterosexual relationship that had a pre-existing unbalanced distribution of housework could successfully expect her partner to all of a sudden start start doing her work as well as his :( Being married has turned me into a pessimist when it comes to the equal sharing of housework. I have a fantastic husband who loves to look after his kids and is quite competent at housework, and I still struggle.

Jenn said...

My husband was a saint when I was prengnat. I had a previous miscarriage so he wouldn't let me do hardly anything when I was pregnant. My favorite thing was he kept the toilets clean so I didn't have to worry about it when I was puking my guts out.

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