19 November 2006

caesar wear

Clearly the maternity industry has found a new niche and just when I thought all resources had been tapped...I discovered this today.... apparently Hollywood is all abuzz about these...I wonder why...*sigh*

'Czela Bellies CesareanWear is specifically designed for women who have recently undergone a delivery by c-section. Czela Bellies' patent pending design provides for a level of comfort never before available. Internal ultra soft padding provides a layer of luxurious comfort between binding waistbands and your recent "ouch area".The padding provided by this uniquely designed undergarment allows you to wear your old pants, shorts and skirts (or maybe even some well deserved new clothing!) more quickly and confidently after delivery.'

If a caesarean scar is described as only an 'ouch' area, I am guessing the designer of this product has forgotten that a caesar is considered major abdominal surgery....sorry to be graphic but I thought the inclusion of an image from a caesar might help to illustrate my point...

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