11 November 2006

the rise of the alpha mum

alpha mum (AL.fuh muhm) n. The dominant woman in a group of mothers.

As if motherhood wasn't hard enough....apparently successful motherhood is achieved by hiring as many people as possible to allow you to work 100 hour weeks; your child is 'gently structured', plays with developmentally appropriate toys and has a nanny, babysitter and night nurse. The alpha mum has a business plan for her child and treats motherhood like a profession.


Be sure to check out the newest edition of Cosmo Pregnancy on 13 November for my latest article, 'I'm not fat, I'm pregnant', profiles of 7 pregnant mums!

1 comment:

Janina said...

"something [a baby!!]we really dedicated time in our schedules for.” Ahhh sigh. You can't run two careers in tandem and be good at both.

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