01 November 2006

yummy mummy syndrome

I was just perusing Google* and doing a bit of research (seriously) about celebrity pregnancy (as I do) when I came across this ridiculous website which just confirms my purpose in starting this blog: http://www.gorgeousgetaways.com/packages_postpregnancy.htm

I have heard about these cosmetic surgery 'getaway' companies but I guess I never really gave it much thought in relation to postpartum 'mummy tummy'. Anyway, I was appalled to discover that women are being encouraged to spend upwards of $10,000 to 'turn back the clock' on their post-pregnancy bodies (not only do you get surgery, you get an island getaway as well! Sounds great. Sip a fruity drink while your surgery wounds are weeping and your body bloody and bruised). The suggestion that postpartum mums are only able to 'regain control' over their bodies (as if it was ever lost) through invasive surgery is a fairly frightening insight into just how much Australian culture is suffering from Hollywood celebrity-itis and the pressure placed on average women to perform motherhood and pregnancy like very rich, very famous celebs. As the stories about Katie and Angelina have finally started to disappear, now we have to look forward to Kate Moss and her second pregnancy; impossibly thin, impossibly stylish and with a look that is so unattainable for most women. As this piece from the Daily Telegraph notes, she's a damn hard act to follow:

This is also a good article from The Age in 2004 and still very relevant, perhaps written at the height of the cult of yummy mummy:

And what is it with all of the damn articles about fertility lately?? Why is it so hard for people to accept that the majority of women are choosing to having children later in life?? Some people in the media like to speculate that the cult of celebrity motherhood is encouraging women to wait longer to fall pregnant. As yummy mummy-hood is thrown in our faces everyday, they suggest the idea that women have to 'bounce back' just like Elle or Posh post-baby is a serious deterrent to motherhood. Basically, that all of us gals are just passive recipients of pop culture; that we don't think about what we read or what we see in a considered, thoughtful way. Even though I tend to agree that celeb pregnancy puts pressure on everyday mums, I don't agree that it's connected to fertility. The facts: more women are in the workforce and are seeking tertiary education. Women are becoming more independent and financially stable (we don't need men to 'keep us'- screw the patriarchy!). Whilst the Howard government is so keen on having women* pop out babies as fast as they can (and willing to pay!), who the hell is going to look after the babies? Oh right. The women. Hello? Gendered division of labour!!!

*if Google was a Mr., I would definitely marry him. How do I love thee! Let me count the ways...
*white, middle-class hetero and partnered but preferably married women (Oh the horror for old Johnny H. to even think about lesbian couples having babies too! )

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Janina said...

There is no such thing as an "holistic" cosmetic surgery procedure!

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