20 December 2008

A December rant

For those of you that have been sad for my lack of posting this month, I apologise. I was in LA again last week being interviewed for a Candadian documentary about celebrity motherhood and then in San Fran taking a much needed holiday. Whereas I used to be somewhat in awe of Hollywood, even an up close and personal encounter with Keifer Sutherland outside of my hotel (the Hollywood Roosevelt), couldn't snap me out of my current celebrity malaise. Hollywood has become Hollyweird. Although celebrity gossip still makes me wiggle a little bit, I think my views on motherhood have gotten a little more radical in the last year and Ive become much less willing to accept tabloids/blogs that are so sickeningly praiseworthy and reverential of Hollywood mothers that actually do manage to spend time with their kids. I think the whole celebrity motherhood machine is ultimately destructive and often I feel like I'm the only one who thinks this considering most mainstream publications have a close and personal relationship with certain celebrity mums because Hollywood pregnancy has become the bread and butter for tabs like Us and People that depend on the good will of celebs for revenue in an industry that is ultimately dying thanks to the Internet.

So what does this mean? Well nothing really. I'm continuing on with the blog and a book this year but I guess I'm looking to take this blog in new directions for 2009. I want more personal content from readers and hopefully manage to be less reliant on the mainstream media for stories.

Anyway, that's my rant. Any thoughts? Is anyone else as annoyed with Hollywood as I am at the moment?

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Anonymous said...

whole celebrity motherhood machine is ultimately destructive and often I feel like I'm the only one who thinks this

you are not the only one that thinks this. it is damaging.

The other thing it perpetuates is the idealism of the tiny post pregnancy body, as well as the "perfect" pregnancy body.

In real life I see how a naturally thin relative of mine is admired for being small during pregnancy and after, and other pregnant/post pregnancy friends/family compare themselves to her and feel horrible because they gained lots of weight/their body didn't bounce back.

I also noticed the awe/admiration that people have for the thin relative, (for example my friends) simply because of the way she looks, compared to other pregnant friends who aren't as thin. have a more "typical" pregnancy.

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