13 March 2009

Candace Parker: cover girl

It's a new day in history. Candace Parker, the star of the WNBA, has just become the first pregnant athlete to grace the cover of ESPN magazine next to a headline asking 'How Big Can Candace Parker Get?' (not so sure I like the sound of that..but anyway). The photo shoot was planned before Parker even announced her pregnancy but even so, having a woman on this largely male magazine is huge according to the editor, Gary Belsky:

"We don't do a lot of female athletes on the cover," Belsky said. "Candace has made it more interesting. She's got Adidas, McDonald's and Gatorade as sponsors; that's a pretty strong big three. But it's still tough to put a woman on the cover for us.

According to the LA Times, Parker was nervous that the magazine was going to make fun of her. She is planning to return to the court this season and is continuing to exercise through her pregnancy:

"I'm working out three or four times a week. The hard part about being an athlete is learning that when you feel tired you can't push yourself."

Source: Candace Parker Next Big Thing

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