29 March 2009

Momshells: the latest buzz in making mums feel like poo

Move over M.I.L.F., there's a new annoying term for mummy hotness that neither rolls off the tongue or feel remotely 'empowering': MOMSHELL (as in bombshell, but with mums).

“There’s never been a hotter time to be a mom,” Jessica Denay said. A mother in Los Angeles, she wrote “The Hot Moms Handbook" and founded The Hot Moms Club, a place where women are supposed to be 'empowered' (a highly overused term that annoys me) by wearing t-shirts that say motherhood is sexy.

According to Denay, being a momshell is about working up to doing their hair and putting on a pair of stylish jeans instead of sweats, or taking a yoga class. The idea is that a mom will gain energy and confidence that she can give back to her kids —- “and that,” Denay said, “is hot.”

Do I have to even go there? As if a 2 year old cares if mum is wearing her Sevens or a pair of holey track pants. Rather than making the strange leap in judgement that women who dont dress up and do their hair are less than hot mums, why not spend some time worrying about the increasingly globalised culture that tells women (whether they are mothers or not) that they must be hot and thin or else they are worth nothing.

Source: Momshells, beauty alone doesn't define hotness


Cherryskin said...

Hear, hear.

Krista said...

LOL, I get so many nasty looks if I'm even remotely not "public worthy", like a lack of makeup. Erm, my hubby thinks I'm hot and last time I checked that's all we needed. Get your own awesome marriage.

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