18 March 2009

Katie Hopkins sheds the baby weight and then some

British Apprentice villain, Katie Hopkins is turning heads and this time it's not for being caught having an affair with a married bloke. Jaws are collectively dropping at Hopkins incredible weight loss: 42lbs since November after having her third child. The reality star claims she fitted back into her size 10 jeans just 10 days after the birth and she still has 14lbs to lose:

'I spent two years in the Army so I'm incredibly tough on myself about losing flab. I'm used to discipline.

'Everybody says "give yourself a break" after you've had a baby, but I find it better to get back into a routine.

'And I haven't been dieting as it only makes me think of food more. Breastfeeding has helped me lose the weight and I'm eating what I always eat - Bran Flakes for breakfast, a tuna sandwich for lunch, and dinner has to be something like curry or a roast.'

Hmm. I don't know about you but eating only one proper meal per day sounds like a diet to me. Considering breastfeeding often makes women more hungry as it takes extra energy to produce good milk, I wonder how the poor baby is making it through on mum's barely there nutrition?

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