16 May 2009

Julia Roberts: bares her 'mummy tummy'

And the arsehole award goes to....The Sun for saying that Julia Robert's needs to tone up her 'mummy tummy'. After photos of Roberts frolicking on the beach in Hawaii, one idiot journalist had this to say about whether Julia 'had the right' (um, excuse me?!) to show her belly off:

"She is a Hollywood icon and we all used to aspire to her stunning looks, eagerly devouring the celeb pages for her latest snaps.

And this picture's kinda ruined that - just like the rest of us mere, flawed mortals, she's not that pleasing picture of perfection we so enjoyed looking at."

Hi, have you had twins? Until you have, pgf. No woman should ever have to apologise for being proud of her body.

Photo credit: Splash


Anonymous said...

Oh puh-lease, she looks great. What's her BMI now, like 19?

Amanda said...

Is that journo freakin' serious? She looks fantastic! I've never even had a baby (and I'm at least 10 years younger than her), and I'd be thrilled if I looked that good in a bikini. Are we talking about the same photo? ...because she looks perfectly toned to me.

So apparently it's not enough just to pay out on celebrities who dare to venture out without makeup, or eat something in public, or be photographed the same dress more than once. Now, you get picked on even when you look damn near perfect! Harsh world we live in.

Craving Cinnabon said...

wth I agree with Amanda, she looks great! I would kill for that body, I wouldn't have even known that she had babies!

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