08 May 2009

SJP surrogate identified

It was only a matter of time before the identity of Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate was revealed, and in only the most credible of sources, Star magazine. The surrogate is allegedly Michelle Ross, a 28 year divorced mother of one from Ohio. The media, however, is making a big deal of that fact that the surrogate's MySpace page claims that she is a bisexual rocker with tattoos. After losing a first pregnancy of her own in high school, the surrogate claims she found her 'dark side'. Of course, the ex-husband of this woman has also been interviewed in which claims she is happy to have the babies of other people but doesn't look after her own son. I find it interesting that anyone even cares whether any of this information is true. If indeed this woman is SJP's surrogate, it's not as though any of the surrogate's genetic information is going to influence the development of the babies. Just because Ross claims to have had pink hair a love for spiked heels, does that necessarily discount her from being a good surrogate? Would it have been better for everyone if she wore cardigans and pearls?

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