21 June 2007

Give the girl a break!

This morning I found no less than 152 (literally) articles devoted to the possible existence of a burgeoning TomKat babybump. Apparently a 'cunning attempt' to hide her blooming belly whilst watching a soccer match tipped off the paparrazzi that the Dawson's Creek sweetheart is baking another baby...that is until this morning as pictures from the Packer wedding surfaced showing an extraordinarily stunning Holmes frolicking in the ocean with little Suri in a black bathing suit that says French Riviera glamour more than knocked up. No, ladies and gentleman, Katie Holmes is not pregnant.

And why do we care so much if she is?

As a culture that pays fawning tribute to celebrities merely on the basis that they are breathing, we are desperate for images of the fattest, the thinnest, the most drug addicted or divorced. Whereas a celebrity marriage story is over before you can say ‘pre-nup’, pregnancy provides us with a 40 week fix like a hit of Hollywood heroin straight into the vein. Needless to say, I'm over it.

I can't help but wonder, since when did wearing a loose top become an invitation into a woman's womb?

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