04 June 2007

Marcia Cross back in her jeans

Here's a tidbit for those of you who followed Marcia Cross' twin pregnancy this year...well apparently she's lost the weight and is looking fabulous *groan*

In other news, I've been manically working away on a detailed history of maternity wear which I hope to publish some of in this blog v.soon. Also, look for my comments on body image in the July issue of Pregnancy & Birth and in a new article on personal dopplers for www.iparenting.com

Will give you more details as they come!

Marcia Cross says baby weight nearly gone
June 1, 2007
As is usually the case with celebrity moms, actress Marcia Cross has wasted no time in losing her baby weight.

Just three months after giving birth to twins Eden and Savannah, the Desperate Housewives star says she has lost almost all of her baby weight. "I'm still working on it, but it's happening a lot faster than I expected," she tells People.

She credits her weight loss to working out at home with DVD's and at a gym in LA. Of course, let us also keep in mind that she probably has a nutritionist, trainer and nannies galore to help her!

She says she just has few more pounds to lose. "It probably won't happen until I stop breastfeeding!" Cross says.

Cross, 45, and her husband Tom Mahoney are enjoying being parents to their baby girls. "He's there every minute, and he's as madly in love with them as I am" Cross says of her husband of 11 months. "I don't know what I would do if I had one of those husbands who was just not interested."

"I'm so happy. Sometimes very tired, but mostly just a happy mother. I like to get [the babies] out now, just go out and show them the world. Say hi to the flowers."

Source: celebritypregnancy.com

Read more here about how celebs really lose the weight (and I dont think it's all just from pilates!)

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Anonymous said...

I luv the fact that Marcia is trying 2 get back into shape so quickly. Not only for herself but for her daughters mostly. She wants to be able to live a fuller and longer life w/ them. THat is something that all women can look up 2 when finding a reason to be healthy and get into shape. So good for Marcia.
-Drea, 19, Dallas
(Future activist for Latinos in America)

Yes i know Macia is'nt Latino but i'm pursuing that kind of career.

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