30 June 2007

Kristy Swanson: the latest of the celebrity mum brigade in the race to lose baby weight

Kristy Swanson, who rose to fame after Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has been speaking out alot lately about her battle against the bulge since the birth of her son in May. She is the new spokesperson for Medifast to lose about 35 pounds (approx 16kg).

"I already needed to lose about fifteen pounds before I had my baby so I want to not only lose the baby weight but also a bit of extra weight I already had before I got pregnant," says Swanson.

"My weight has always fluctuated through the years and I've tried many different ways to lose it but I've always gained it back before."

I found an interesting interview from the show Showbiz Tonight on CNN where she talks about getting cast on Criminal Intent to portray Anna Nicole Smith only four weeks after the birth and how her baby weight played a role in her getting the job:

She says: "Well, the phone call came in and my agent said that Criminal Intent called and said, we know Kristy just had a baby, but how does she look, because that`s how Hollywood is. They want to know is she skinny or is she fat right now".

"It`s Hollywood. He says, look, she had a baby. She`s a little chunky right now. So they said, OK, you know what, this is going to work just fine, because the character just had a baby. So it`s going to be perfect. We want her to come do the show. Will she come do it, even though she just had the C-section and just gave birth? Would she come to New York for us?"

Also found another really interesting interview about celebrity pregnancy featuring Rebecca Odes, author of the new 'hip' pregnancy book, From the Hips as well as Kristy Swanson:

Note: AJ Hammer is the host

Jill Dobson is from Star Magazine

Felicia Stoler, host 'Honey, we're killing the kids'

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You know, there`s been a baby boom in Hollywood lately, and everywhere you turn, celebrity moms have bounced back to their pre-pregnancy weights in record time. So what is going on here? How do celebrities who have babies whittle away the pounds so quickly and what kind of message is that sending to regular women out there? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates.

REBECCA ODES, AUTHOR, "FROM THE HIPS": We live in a celebrity- obsessed culture. And the idea of celebrity pregnancy and motherhood has suddenly become hot.

HAMMER: Hot indeed. Just look at the red carpet moments that some celebrities have become famous for. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, it`s not because of the dress they were wearing, but how good they looked in it so soon after having a baby, like super model Heidi Klum, who`s red carpet moments sizzled right after the last two of her three pregnancies.

FELICIA STOLER, HOST, "HONEY WE`RE KILLING THE KIDS": When Heidi Klum was on the red carpet after having her baby, she looked great.

HAMMER: So great, Heidi made it seem as if losing the baby weight was a piece of cake. In this picture, taken at the Golden Globes, just two months, that`s eight weeks, after the birth of her third child, Heidi doesn`t even look like she`s just had a baby. But getting back her bodacious body after child birth isn`t something new for the super model. Klum strutted herself down a different red carpet even more quickly after she delivered her second bundle of joy.

DOBSON: Just seven weeks after it was born, she walked the runway for Victoria`s Secret in lingerie and looked amazing.

HAMMER: Judge for yourself. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the video, and it`s no secret, Klum shed the pounds fast. But Klum isn`t the only star whose body bounced back quicker than her baby could say ga ga. In fact, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can show you these pictures of Angelina Jolie, who many say looks even thinner than before she had baby Shiloh.

DOBSON: Angelina Jolie, after giving birth to baby Shiloh, actually looks thinner than ever before. And, of course, she`s chasing around four kids. She`s busy with her career and her world traveling.

HAMMER: And traveling the world with fiance Tom Cruise, new mommy Katie Holmes shed all her baby weight in just seven months, just in time for her big day, the celebrity wedding of the century.

DOBSON: Katie Holmes had one of the biggest celebrity weddings ever exactly seven months after giving birth to baby Suri. So she had real motivation. She knew she was going to be wearing that wedding dress in front of the whole world.

HAMMER: Just seven months for Katie, just seven weeks for Heidi. It`s got us asking, are celebrities who lose baby weight this quickly sending a bad message to regular women out there? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went right to nutrition expert Felicia Stoler.

STOLER: When people see celebrities lose weight very quickly, it`s very difficult for them to comprehend that they could even lose weight that quickly. It`s so unrealistic for most people to lose weight that fast after pregnancy.

HAMMER: So what`s the secret? Well, let`s face it, celebrities have a team of people who are ready, willing and able to whip them right back into shape.

STOLER: They have trainers. They have people cooking for them. There`s probably a nanny and a baby nurse taking care of the kids. So they can get some good rest that most of us don`t have the luxury to do.

HAMMER: Celebrities sure do live lives of luxury, but they also need to work to support those lives. So when the casting call comes, they need to be ready.

DOBSON: Part of the reason celebrities lose the weight so quickly is because they really want to send a message to all of Hollywood that they`re ready to get back to work.

HAMMER: But there are stars like Jennifer Garner, who say making play time with the baby she had with hubby Ben Aflack is just as important as looking good. Garner tells "In Style" magazine she was in no rush to shed the baby weight saying, quote, "You`re supposed to look a certain way when you`re a celebrity. But I want to take care of my baby. And those two things don`t mesh very well." And once in a while, Hollywood stars and their baby weight do mesh, when the part calls for it. Actress Kristy Swanson tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT her agent called her soon after she delivered her baby boy to say hey, don`t lose all that baby weight so quickly, because there`s this part.

KRISTY SWANSON, ACTRESS: Well, the phone call came in and my agent said that "Criminal Intent" called and said, we know Kristy just had a baby. How does she look. You know, because that`s how Hollywood is.

HAMMER: And the "Law and Order" episode Kristy was cast for, playing the part of the late Anna Nicole Smith soon after she gave birth to her own baby, Dannielynn.

SWANSON: But this is Ava`s big TV debut. Let her shine.

HAMMER: Kristy tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that she is determined to shed the weight, but she`ll do it at a healthy pace.

SWANSON: It`s sort of my job to stay in shape. But right now, I have the excuse that I just had a baby. So --

HAMMER: Kristy, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, having a baby is good enough reason for gaining weight. And if somebody gives you lip about not shedding it fast enough, you can use what nutrition expert Felicia Stoler says is a healthy guideline for taking the baby weight off.
STOLER: It takes nine to ten months to put on all that weight. It should take about that amount of time to take it all off afterwards.

HAMMER: Because, after all, having a baby is hard work. And while losing the baby weight is also hard, doing it right is the right way to go.

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