05 March 2008

J.Lo and her baby divas

According to Fametastic, Jennifer Lopez is spoiling her new babies like she would herself. After hiring a colour therapist during her pregnancy to help her design the most soothing nursery for the twins, now that the babies have arrived, not only do they have an entire wing all to themselves but they have classical music piped into their room to keep the peace. J.Lo has hired a baby masseuse to come in a few times a week to ease the babies tired muscles and she has insisted on a totally sterile environment in the nursery.

So if you're still planning to send her a baby gift, it will most likely be de-contaminated before it makes it anywhere near the babies.



Anonymous said...

ha! those children will have such poorly developed immune systems that by the time they make their first mud-pie (without mum knowing, clearly) they are going to be subject to every bacterial infection known to man!

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

Yeah, I was under the impression that sterile environments were bad for people.

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