05 March 2008

Nipplegate: Heidi 'no nipples' Klum for Jordache

In August, I wrote about Heidi Klum's post-baby debut as the face (or body, I guess) of the dying denim brand, Jordache. In the sexy ad campaign, replete with a topless Heidi wielding a riding crop, the brand that was last popular when I was 8 years old was back on the market.

However, new photos from the campaign have been released all over New York this week and I've just noticed Heidi is nipple-less. How creepy is this?! So the execs at Jordache have thrown a half-naked woman in the middle of an ad campaign to attract attention and yet, Heidi's nipples are deemed too offensive!
She looks creepy and weird and more like a Barbie doll than the sexy mum that she is.

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