02 March 2008

Million dollar babies

Today, I've written an op ed for The Age about Christina Aguilera and the fear of childbirth:


I am really eager to hear what you think!

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Amanda said...

Great article - I like the fact that you do not judge women for having a fear of natural birth, or for making a fear-based decision to birth by caesaren section.

I think it's perfectly normal to fear the unknown... personally, I think I would definitely feel apprehensive about giving birth naturally, but to me the idea of a caesar is actually more frightening!

I think a lot of this fear can be attributed to the way women sometimes seem to take perverse pleasure in regaling pregnant women with stories of gruesome and traumatic births. I don't understand this compulsion! Sure, sometimes a birth may be particularly painful or traumatic, but this is clearly a minority of cases. A pregnant woman, especially a first-timer who is nervous and apprehensive, needs support and reassurance from friends and relatives, not the often exaggerated horror stories (that happened to a friend of a friend) that some people like to perpetuate. Sometimes women really do one another a disservice.

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