20 March 2008

J.Lo babies revealed

If you've been eagerly anticipating a glimpse at J.Lo's twin babies, prepare yourself. On Thursday, People magazine will reveal the new mum and her babies on the cover along with inside info on how J.Lo is managing as a mother.

People editor, Peter Casto, says that J.Lo gained 45 to 50 pounds during her pregnancy but that she doesn't mind the weight gain at all (hmm...not so sure about that):

"She wanted to do that because she had twins and she wanted to get those twins big. And they were almost 6 pounds when they were born. And right now, yes, she's lost a lot of the weight, but she is no rush to lose all of it. She is enjoying motherhood and that is what she is concentrating on".

And apparently, even though the couple has 2 baby nurses, 'they do alot of the work themselves'.


Julia said...

How on earth would she have lost a lot of the weight already? It hasn't even been a whole month.

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

Well Julia, her body is no longer carrying two average weight babies, two placentas, and has probably lost most of the water required to support those two babies. That's "a lot of the weight" right there. I don't know if she is breastfeeding, but if she is... well, I know if I ever had to breastfeed twins I'd be a stick in a week. LOL

Julia said...

I guess I don't count the babies, placentas, extra blood, and water weight as "weight," in my mental calculations - I guess I think of actual weight as something that might be controlled by diet & exercise.

"Weight" seems "extra" to me. Babies, placentas, etc. aren't extra, but necessary. Perhaps its my thinking and my trouble with the language used to describe pregnancy and postpartum bodily changes.

You have to excuse me though, I study semantics. :)

Cherryskin said...

And apparently, even though the couple has 2 baby nurses, 'they do alot of the work themselves'.

HAHAHAHAHHHAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! What are they -- masochists? (Look, I love my babies more than anything and I love "working" with them, but put an able bodied adult within a few metres of me, and I am delegating my guts out. Put two NANNIES near me, and I would actually have time/energy to, oh, have a shower, get the groceries, PLAY with them a bit even! Woohoo!)

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