10 March 2008

Pregnancy is a no go zone for FHM

Somehow it doesn't surprise that lad mag FHM recently announced post-baby mums Christina Aguilera and Mylene Klass have made it into the top 50 of the magazine's '100 Sexiest Women' 2008.

According the magazine, Christina and Mylene are being praised for their new..ahem..assets with Christina alone attracting 15,000 votes since appearing very voluptuous post-baby.

Interestingly, pregnant celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman have dropped in their 'sexy' ratings since last year. This is in spite of the fact that another lad mag, Maxim, recently named the '9 Hottest Pregnant Celebrities'

The Editor of FHM, Chris Bell says:

"It seems men no longer fancy women who are with child, no matter how famous or beautiful they are. Are they just more unattainable - or is it the fat ankles?

Could this be any more offensive? I feel for any woman that is pregnant right now. It's hard enough that women are encouraged to be 'sexy' at every stage of their lives, and now even during pregnancy. Maternity clothes are supposed to be tight and if you're belly isn't the perfect shape, taut and tight, you are written off as 'fat' and 'matronly'. Yet, the FHM poll suggests the exact opposite; that pregnant women are categorically 'unsexy' and 'fat'. Pregnant bodies are grotesque and mothers are asexual. For instance, Jessica Alba was named the 'sexiest' woman last year and now she's barely made the list.

Bell continues:

"Either way, less and less men find them 'glowing' and 'radiant' any more.
"However, there has been a huge burst in voting for new mothers. Men are obviously attracted to the benefits of a post-natal flush. If you've seen Christina Aguilera recently, you'll probably understand why."

ARGH! Other than being objects of a pornographic male gaze, those breasts have a function as well.. it's called sustaining new life!

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Scot said...

To be biologically accurate, it's the mammary glands and nipples that have the function of nourishing new life. The swellings or protuberances we call breasts (which are unique to the human female -- you never see a chimp with boobs) evolved as a sexual signal, probably to imitate the shape of the buttocks. Read Desmond Morris.

And comedian Bill Maher is right -- a visibly pregnant woman is NOT sexy. That's not "glowing," it's sweating.

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