17 April 2008

Gwyneth Patrow speaks out about PND

Us magazine reports that Lady Paltrow revelas in the May edition of Vogue, following the birth of her second child Moses, she suffered postnatal depression but didn't even realise it at the time.

"I felt really out of my body," Paltrow says after giving birth. "I felt really disconnected. I felt really down ... I felt pessimistic.”

It's so refreshing to hear that celebrities are indeed, 'real' women, and they do experience the same things that everyone else does. We like to think that fame and fortune make life ridiculously easy but the truth is none of that can shield mothers from PND.


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Cherryskin said...

I have a theory: PND is in (say) 90 % of cases actually a perfectly normal condition. It's hard physically and emotionally having a new baby. They should publish that on the front page of all national newspapers.
Obviously in some cases women suffer from PROPER crippling unhealthy depression and should be treated.
We live in such isolation from friends/family/community these days -- it's unnatural to be at home by yourself with a baby/kids day in day out -- we should be surrounded by our families and other mothers like us so we don't go crazy, but instead we have to get in a car and travel to some shopping centre or cafe to be able to hang out together. Unnatural, I say.

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