09 April 2008

Ryan Sutter likes 'boobs'

Ryan Sutter, the man married to the gal formerly known as The Bachelorette, and now best known for her post-preggo body transformation, has revealed to Mom Logic that he gets turned on by breastfeeding...

Although it might appear 'refreshing' to hear a man praise his wife's maternal body counter to popular culture which continually reiterates that pregnant and post-baby bodies/boobs are a bit 'icky' when they aren't perfect, I am still slightly bothered by the fact that it seems that breasts are forever sexualised. We are a culture obsessed with breasts; breasts are the pinnacle, the defining attribute of womanhood. And yet, it seems that there is not a moment in a woman's life when her breasts can be divorced from sexuality and totally counter to how many new mothers feel about their breasts when they first start to breastfeed.

Of the women I followed in my study, many told me that they felt as though their breasts had transformed from sexual playthings to feeding 'tools'. Their breasts became functional, instruments of motherhood. A number of these women told me that they now felt like their breasts belonged to their babies and not to their partners. Therefore, I think Ryan Sutter's comment is very interesting because I bet the way that Trista feels about her own breasts is very different from the way that her husband perceives them (not that there isn't anything sexual or pleasurable about breastfeeding...you know what I mean).

Source: http://www.momlogic.com/2008/04/10_things_to_know_about_dads.php

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Cherryskin said...

Um, don't a woman's breasts belong to ...her? ;-)

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