06 April 2008

Nicole Richie: the next maternity designer?

So Nicole Richie wants to launch a maternity line. *Yawn*

"My line will be about making women look and feel good at a really emotional time. It's about showing your best self, not your tired, worn-down self," Richie said.

This annoys me. There is already too much pressure to be perfect when you're pregnant, aside from what clothes you are wearing. The idea that being 'worn down' is something women should hide is ridiculous. Celebrities have no place telling women what they should be wearing or how they should 'do' pregnancy because they have categorically different experiences. Most pregnant women actually do not want to spend alot of money on clothing that is only going to see them through a few months. Let's face it, being 'worn down' is part and parcel of the experience and there is no amount of clothing or money one can spend to get around the fact that when you are housing another human, it's alot of work.


Source: http://www.theage.com.au/news/people/richie-to-release-maternity-line/2008/03/19/1205602433479.html

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AvoidTheRedShoes said...

You say "yawn" I say "Thank goodness, I can't wait". Motherhood maternity should be sued for some of the prices they tag on their fugly merchandise. As a young mom (19 yrs old with a 19 month old and four months pregnant with #2)I would welcome some mom-wear that is actually trendy, which most maternity lines claim that they are... yeah right. I hope Nicole comes out with some nursing tops. I nursed my daughter for 18 months and I remember wishing I could just write Nicole Richie a letter begging "Please! Design some cute little bojo-chic nursing tops." I would love to have another choice besides yanking around my favorite shirts or wearing some granny-tee with convenient hidden nursing holes. And I disagree with you about pregnant image. For me, there's no better time to rock it out than pregnancy. I can chill at the beach in my bikini without worrying about how flat my stomach is. My hair and nails are thick and pretty. And I feel maximum appreciation for how beautiful and spectacular my body really is. I don't need to feel "sexy" or "perfect", I just love feeling healthy and good about my body. Ugly run-of-the-mill maternity clothes... ugh! I'd rather go naked.

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