24 April 2008

Keep your bits to yourself during birth

So Dr. Michael Odent thinks that men should be banned from the birthing suite? You know what I think of that.

Today, in the Daily Mail, some moron decided to reinforce that one's sex life will be ruined if a male partner sees you give birth:

"A woman needs to preserve some mystery.
It's the key to eroticism.
Far better to let him see you propped up in bed, babe in arms, looking radiant.
Let him think you do this kind of thing effortlessly.
And unless you want your infant to be an only child, spare him the gruesome reality."

Seriously. Seriously?! I'm so sick of this 'childbirth is grotesque' thing in the media that is perpetuated by women first and foremost. Why in the world would you want to pretend that giving birth isn't a badge of honour and something to be proud of? Having to worry about what your male partner thinks about your bits while you're in the middle of labour sounds like a good way to set yourself up for post-natal depression.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/femail/article.html?in_article_id=561558&in_page_id=1879

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Cherryskin said...

Well, I feel sorry for her. Most men I have heard from felt totally in awe and respectful of what their partners pulled off in the birthing suite!

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