23 May 2008

Another belly on parade...

*Yawn* News is that Nicole Kidman has already posed nude and pregnant and will appear on some magazine cover. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, the most famous fashion photographer in the world. Im not sure what annoys me more; the fact that Nicole Kidman is posing nude or the fact that her face doesn't move when she smiles? Either way, get a new hobby ladies, nude and pregnant is so 5 minutes ago.

I didn't think this day would come, but it has. I'm over naked and pregnant. I don't get my nerdy researcher thrill anymore to find magazine covers littered with preggos, dreaming up all of the articles I can write. Naked and preggo is a very bizarre cultural phenomenon because for the most part, as much as we think we care about how celebs look when they're pregnant (in terms of how fat or thin they look), the truth is that the term 'baby bump' that has taken over our pop culture is about the 'baby' and not about the woman. Naked and preggo mag covers were groundbreaking because they were meant to put the woman back into increasingly medicalised images of pregnancy (hello foetus!) but the truth is they just reinforce all of the crappy cultural norms that we see in mainstream fashion photography; women need to be smooth and 'thin' in order to be beautiful naked. Now surely you're thinking how on earth can a pregnant woman be thin? Well, just look around. Most celebs are 'thin' and pregnant, no extra skin anywhere.

So I'm over naked and pregnant. Bring back the dowdy pinafores with weird ruffles and oversized bows. Or photos of preggo celebs with clothes on. At least they made for more interesting photos and a little something was left to the imagination. Sometimes I think that the reason all of these celebs want to pose naked and pregnant is not because they are 'celebrating' their fabulous birthing bodies. Rather, they are just proving to the world that they aren't 'fat' and they are still hot.

It's Friday in Melbourne. I'm tired. Perhaps I'll re-evaluate this post when I've slept for more than 4 hours.


Cherryskin said...

I reckon they should just get a celebrity who is naked, pregnant, fat, with cellulite and big purple stretchmarks and huge dark nipples oozing colostrum to pose on the front cover of a magazine.....and I challenge society to see the beauty in her, because by God, it's there. What are these sterile plastic 12-year-old-boy-bodied women we supposedly worship??? You're not the only one over it (and no, I am not "fat", nor did I get stretch marks, so I'm not just being bitter).

SN said...

Nicole Kidman is one of the worst celebrity spokespeople for being pregnant. I can't imagine that she eats much while pregnant, and for ages people debated whether she was even pregnant since she didn't seem to show for ages. Maybe it's just her frame, but I hope her baby is born healthy!

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