22 May 2008

Christina Aguilera: post-baby weight loss

More ridiculous post-baby weight loss...Christina Aguilera has apparently lost 40lbs in 4 mths according to the new issue of Us. Seriously. Aren't we over this yet?!?

And then in the process of trying to find out how Christina lost her baby weight I noticed a new product being given to new celeb mums called 'Skinny Water' and it was launched on Mother's Day. Skinny Water 'offers zero calories, zero sugar, zero sodium, and zero preservatives'. I'm not sure that's much of an offer but according to the company's CEO:

"Staying fit and looking great is hard work for every busy mom, from Hollywood to Hoboken, says Don McDonald, President and CEO of Skinny Nutritional Corp. This Mothers Day, treat mom like the family superstar she is. Dont give her fattening chocolates, cakes, or candies. Give her Skinny Water, the perfect complement to a happy, healthy Mothers Day celebration.

Right, no wonder the mothers of Hollywood are trying to lose weight considering they are constantly bombarded with products that reinforce that if they don't they are bad mothers.

Sources: http://www.usmagazine.com/exclusive-christina-aguilera-reveals-her-bra-size


Amanda said...

I particularly love the smaller shot on the cover, captioned "Her Before Body".

Her Before Body had a baby in it, for crying out loud! Of course it looked different. It wasn't an unsightly bulge, it was A CHILD!!

Cherryskin said...

Hang on a second....she got her body back but lost 40 lb? Something doesn't compute....unless her body weighs -40 lb...

AvoidTheRedShoes said...

Ugh, skinny water! I'm glad no one gave me THAT for Mother's Day. Put that stuff away and give me my Chocolates!

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