04 June 2009

Don't forget your LBD during birth *gag*

This product landed in my inbox the other day and when I saw it I laughed.

It's called a 'Birthing Wrap' and its made by Kiwi company Womama.

According to the company, "Every pregnant woman deserves a little black dress to give birth in!"

Right. Excuse me while I wretch in the corner. As if women need a reason to look 'hot' when they are birthing another human being.

Anyway, I have a problem with the way this birth LBD is advertised. For example:

"Easy to move in and be monitored in. Feel feminine at home or in hospital knowing you are fully covered when you want to be."

Okay, considering pregnancy and birth are arguably the MOST feminine states of being for women I'm not sure why you need to wear an over priced organic cotton wrap to make you feel that way. I also find it interesting that the manufacturer starts with the premise that most women will be 'monitored' and giving birth in a clinical setting. Besides, how many women actually wear 'dresses' or wraps when they are in the throes of labour. Call me crazy most women I've talked to have ended up naked or wearing relatively little clothing at all by the time the baby comes.

"This gorgeous wrap has a silver screenprinted empowering print on the inside neck line - this will inspire you through the tougher moments of birth"

Give me a bloody break. Seriously. For AU$125, I think you are better off wearing nothing or a hospital gown. They may be ugly but they're free.

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Cherryskin said...

Is the empowering saying printed on the FRONT inside neckline, or do you have to take the dress off to read it when you need some inspiration in labour?? I need to know.

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