11 June 2009

The girl next door has been getting around

Looks like one of the girls next door is knocked up, Kendra Wilkinson, 23, one of the stars of the Girls Next Door set at the Playboy Mansion. She now has a new show called Kendra which is a show about her relationship with her fiance, NFL star, Hank Baskett:

The ex-bunny from Hef's harem has announced on her blog that she is pregnant:

"hi everyone!!!! so the rumors are true…i am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hank and i were beyond excited when we found out the news and ive been dying to tell all of you but we were waiting for the perfect time to do it. im sorry if you heard it first elsewhere…that’s not how i wanted it to happen, but im so glad its out in the open now.

i honestly still cant believe that soon hank and i are going to have a little athlete running around the house. seriously, the first thing this kid is going to see when its born is a football hahahahaha. do you think hank will let me dress the baby in a chargers jersey??? lololol."

According to People, the Hef is 'very happy' that is pregnant.

If any of you have watched the show, KW isn't the brightest bulb but she's highly entertaining. I don't know how she'll make it as a mum but I can say one thing, she needs to relax with the overzealous punctuation.

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Oh please help us now. She definitely is not the brightest light on the christmas tree. Noooooo please.. no kids for her. Oh.. too late.

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